A Roll of Extra Carton Sealing Tape and Other Things You Need to Know About Packing

Posted by SEO Administrator on 10/29/2013 to Company Updates
Many young adults view moving out of their homes as a necessary act in one’s life to signify to their families that they are ready to be independent. For some, the thought of living on their own is exciting. Others find that being separated from their loved ones is difficult and heart-rending. In any case, the actual process of moving is always an arduous task, especially for people who find they have a lot to pack. Here are a few tips that can ease the burden:

Preparing to pack
Packing TapeBefore you do anything else, get a good estimate on how much packing material you're going to need. Buy a safe excess of needed supplies such as another roll of high quality carton sealing tape or a roll of bubble wrap. It's more convenient to store unused material than have to run to a store for more when you suddenly run short.

Organizing things into boxes
People use durable corrugated shipping boxes when they move house because no other affordable packaging has ever been as versatile. The difference between a pro packer and a clumsy one lies on how they segregate their items into the different boxes. For families who are moving house, it is practical to pack things that belong to the same room into the same properly-labelled box. This will prevent you from moving boxes and items from room to room as you fill them, and save you the extra effort as well when you unpack them.

For individuals moving out with much less items, each box may contain materials of the same type. Books, for example can go to one box, while clothes should go to another. Set aside a separate box for things that you are going to need and use until the day you move out and immediately after you have moved in.

Protecting your itemsbubble wrap
A tip for those who are moving fragile materials: use bubble wrap generously! Another option for protecting fragile articles is to wrap them in clothes and towels that you will not be using anytime soon. If possible pack dishes with styrofoam between each one to prevent them from banging against each other when their box is moved. Seal sharp and blunt office, garden, hardware, and kitchen tools in ziplocks, so they won't damage other materials they are sharing their respective boxes with.

For more packing tips, see: wikihow.com/Pack-for-a-Move.