High-Quality Stretch Wrap Film: Protecting Furniture and Fragile Items

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There comes a time in many people’s lives that they have to commit to a large-scale move. In many cases, the move will involve bringing furniture, and other large and/or fragile objects along. Part of the challenge for moving companies would be to ensure all items get to their final destination in perfect condition, and this is where durable and heavy duty packaging materials, such as quality stretch wrap film, come in high demand.

Size to Wrap

Stretch wraps come in several consistencies, as measured by gauge. The thinnest is 60-gauge, which is often used for small items and light boxes. 80-gauge wraps are common and are versatile enough for several applications, including loads with a combined total of 2,200 pounds. At the top end of the scale lies the 150-gauge wrap, which are very tough, and possesses high puncture resistance. This is often the preferred material for heavy loads and boxes.


There are different approaches to using stretch wrap film in packing large objects like furniture for transport. When wrapping up wooden cabinets, logistics specialists suggest protecting glass panels with some type of padding; and securely closing all covers and drawers. In some cases, though, drawers may need to be removed and packed separately. Paper may be used to shore up wooden items, and to help prevent condensation.

Stretch wrap film can also be used to categorize items that have to be bundled together, especially if the items are the same size. For example, plates and other dinnerware may have to go in several boxes. For protection, small cardboard dividers may be used between plates, and foam peanuts can be added to the boxes where the plates go. The boxes can then be grouped together and covered up with a liberal dose of wrapping for extra protection.

Stretch Wrap Film

Truth in Labeling

Each wrapped consignment will need some kind of identification for an organized move. For purposes such as this, industrial packaging supplies manufacturers like World Packaging Co. offer items, such as packing envelopes and self-seal mailers, which allow for proper identification of packed materials. Poly straps can also serve to bundle like objects together.

Those in the moving business can give their clients the assurance they need by using high-quality packaging materials that can adequately protect even the largest and most fragile items. When used together with the best packaging practices, movers can win their clients’ trust, and increase their chances of getting repeat business and good word of mouth.