Industrial Packaging Supplies Needed to Safely Deliver Your Shipments

Posted by SEO Administrator on 1/13/2015 to Blog
With our global economy, a lot of companies, even small ones, have a worldwide reach. For example, companies with an online presence often get inquiries from customers overseas. If youíre in charge of such a company, one of your main concerns would be to ensure that your products reach your customers in good condition. To do this, youíll need to familiarize yourself with various industrial packaging supplies and how you can use them to guarantee the safety of your products until they reach your customerís doorsteps.

Bubble Wrap

The Right Containers

The most important packaging material you will need is the container where youíll be putting your products in. Depending on the size of your items, you have a choice between boxes and envelopes; boxes are fine for most products, but if you are sending pictures, documents or something small, you can save a lot of money by using an envelope.

For boxes, youíll need to try out a few of them to see which fits your product best. A box thatís too small could easily break open during shipment, while boxes that are too large can leave your items moving around inside. In choosing a box, allow for at least two inches of space around your product to avoid cramping. For envelopes, choose padded ones to provide another layer of protection.

Securing Your Products

Protecting your items, however, doesnít end with the boxes and envelopes. You can make use of additional products to protect your shipment from damages. For example, to provide additional padding, you can surround your items with foam peanuts, which can cushion the impact from any rocking or rough handling that your shipment might go through.

Another useful material would be bubble wrap. Mostly used on pricey or fragile items, especially electronics, a layer of bubble wrap ensures that parts like the screens of tablets or LED TVs donít get scratched or broken during delivery.

Packaging Supplies

Protection is not only needed on the inside. You also need to protect the outside of a box, especially for fragile cargo. Dependable stretch wrap film laid over multiple containers can do a better job than rope in securing a shipment of several boxes. Finally, industrial packaging tape seals the boxes securely while in transit.

Marking Them Right

To ensure your product reaches the right persons or locations, you need to properly label your containers. A convenient way of doing this is by using sticker labels where the recipientís address can be printed on. Some shippers use stick-on envelopes that contain information about the recipient, and some include package info inside the box or envelope as backup.