World Packaging Inc. - Industrial Paper Products

World Packaging Inc. has been providing industrial paper products for 50 years. We are a trusted supplier of quality products for all of your packaging, shipping, and janitorial needs. Browse our site and choose from our large inventory of paper products from corrugated cartons to copy paper, ready for shipping immediately to your location.

Corrugated Paperboard

World Packaging has a comprehensive inventory of high quality corrugated shipping boxes for every kind of industrial application Ė all designed with durability, lightness, cost effectiveness, and recyclability in mind.

When you deliver a product to your customers, you want it to be safe and secure during shipment. Shipping your items in boxes that have the proper fit will help to minimize movement of your products. We carry such an extensive inventory which includes boxes that can provide a custom fit for almost any size of item that you may need to ship.

Shipping your products in our durable corrugated shipping boxes will help protect them from damage from drops, impacts, and vibration. We can even imprint information about content and handling on your order.

Complete Industrial Paper Packaging Supplies

World Packaging has everything you need to properly pack and ship your products. Some of our other paper packaging supplies include:

  • Chipboard - Chipboard is un-corrugated cardboard (not particleboard made of wood chips) that comes in sizes ranging from 8 1/2 x 11 to 13 x 26.
  • Kraft Paper Rolls - Kraft paper rolls are perfect for a variety of packaging applications. It can be used for wrapping, filling voids, interleaving, and more. Our Kraft paper is durable and comes in a wide variety of weights and sizes.

Several more industrial paper products we offer are:

  • Newsprint and Packaging Tissue Paper
  • Packing List Envelopes
  • Padded Self-Seal Mailers
  • Copy Paper

We hope that you can find everything you are looking for at World Packaging Inc. If you canít find what you need in our online inventory, call us and we will get it for you if possible.

You can reach us at 201.997.3940. Our staff is ready to serve you. Our number one goal is to make sure you will always turn to World Packaging whatever your requirements are for industrial paper products and other related supplies.