Moving House: Industrial Packaging Supplies for Ultimate Protection

Posted by Administrator on 4/10/2013

Moving House: Industrial Packaging Supplies for Protection

Whether itís for a new job, house, or simply a change in scenery, moving is one of those things that people love and hate. Taking all your belongings and starting anew somewhere else is an adventure that many adults see themselves doing at least once. However, for some, packing their possessions is a challenge. To make moving easier, here are the common industrial packaging supplies for moving.


In packing your valuables, use small boxes that have a capacity of 50 pounds. Although you can hire movers to transport the boxes, remember that youíll need to move the boxes around the house yourself while unpacking. The only exception to this rule is the electronics and wardrobe boxes that can carry up to 70 pounds. Although some people recommend used boxes, it is best to be on the side of caution and purchase new and durable corrugated cartons from online stores like World Packaging, especially for fragile items.

Wraps and Fillers

Another way to protect china, electronics, and artwork is by using wraps and cushioning. Plain brown paper wrap is used to keep items clean, to eliminate the need for washing them after unpacking. For items with irregular shapes, stretch wrap is recommended. Cushioning like foam, packing peanuts, and inflatable bags keep items from scratching against each other, and absorb shock during transport. To keep fragile and delicate objects from breaking during the move, purchase quality wholesale bubble wrap and cover them with it.


Tape isnít only used to close up boxes, but also to strengthen it. Apply tape on the edges perpendicular to the center joint at the bottom and top of the boxes to make sure that they donít give way from the weight of the items. Using a tape dispenser makes the job quick and easy, saving you time from fumbling for box cutters and scissors.

Whether itís printed labels or magic markers, make sure that you have something to identify the contents of each box. Once everything is packed and ready, itíll be difficult to tell the contents by the mere appearance of the box. Remember to bring markers that can be used on difficult surfaces like glass and plastic.

Moving house is extremely tiring yet exciting. With the right tools, packing for a new beginning becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.