The Differences between Household and Industrial Packaging Supplies

Posted by SEO Administrator on 7/31/2014 to Blog

If you plan to start a freight business, you have to iron out critical things first. You need to accurately delineate the geographical areas you serve, determine your target market, and identify the types of freight you want to specialize in transporting. In addition to these, you have to secure the necessary licenses, insurance, and bonding agreements.Corrugated Cartons

All this hard work will pay off eventually because of a huge product demand, especially since many consumers now depend on online retailers for their needsófrom clothing to electronic devicesóand itís up to you to get these products to them. As a freight business owner, you should consider using durable industrial packaging supplies to ensure that the condition of your shipment is preserved during transport. What makes industrial packaging supplies different from your typical packaging supplies? Here are a couple of things.


If youíve experienced moving in to a new home in the past, you most likely relied on the good old bubble wrap to pack fragile items like wall clocks, lamp shades, China sets, and ceramic or terracotta cookware. While bubble wrap may have helped you, it may not be appropriate for shipping multiple items to multiple areas. For the latter, you need to keep boxes together on a pallet for transport, and using a stretch wrap film is the best way to do it.


No matter what your local weather bureau forecasts, there are some things that they simply couldnít predict. For this reason, itís best to rely on packaging materials that are known to perform well even under the most adverse weather conditions. Ordinary wrap film thatís typically used by caterers to preserve food is no match for extreme heat or cold.

Plastic WrapFor your shipments, itís best to go with wrap film thatís made from linear low density polyethylene or LLDPE resins. This material is known for its toughness, and while ordinary wrap film like those for food can easily distort under extremely warm conditions, LLDPE wrap film will be able to maintain its shape and form.

Operating a freight business has its set of challenges. However, it does bring great potential for profits, as long as you do things right. You can start by relying on packaging supplies from established sellers like World Packaging Inc., which offers a wide range of products to help freight businesses maintain a good relationship with their clients.