The Ultimate Packing Benefits of Carton Sealing Tape and Stretch Wrap

Posted by SEO Administrator on 3/19/2015 to Blog

When it comes moving or relocating, the packing process must be carefully planned to ensure every object is stored properly and that packages arrive at the new place in one piece. There are a good number of packing supplies that can be used to store the items to be moved—one essential packing tool is a reliable carton sealing tape. This is used for packing and sealing boxes and helps maintain the integrity of the box while ensuring that contents are safely secured.

Carton Sealing Tape Types

There are different types of carton sealing tape: there’s the single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive, Pressure Sensitive, and No Noise. The single- and double-sided adhesive are the most common options and are pretty much self-explanatory. The Pressure Sensitive tape maintains a balance between adhesion and cohesion and only requires light pressure to be applied for it to stick. No Noise tape makes very minimal sound compared to the loud, potentially irritating one that a standard tape makes.

Stretch Wrap

Another item utilized for packing is the uber-useful stretch wrap film commonly employed to wrap and secure products on pallets. Stretch wrap film comes in a variety of widths and thickness, with two of the most common being the cast stretch wrap and the blown stretch wrap. The former is clearer, allows better visibility of the wrapped product, and unwinds quietly. The latter has a high load capability and is more elastic.

Packing tape is important in order to seal the items inside the boxes. Making use of cheap, low quality tape is risky because the tape may not stick too well and the box might open, thus letting the items inside slip out and potentially resulting in missing or broken items. This is why investing in packaging items such as carton sealing tape and the stretch wrap film is essential for the safety of your items. Different tapes serve different purposes, so choose the material that best fits your need.

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