Packing Fragile Items Using Industrial Packaging Supplies: A Few Tips

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Packaging items for shipment is already a very delicate process on its own—you wouldn’t want goods to be ruined on the way to their destination, after all. While such a process requires quite an amount of preparation as is, however, you can expect the difficulty to increase tenfold if you’re packaging fragile items, such as glassware, ceramics, antiques, or any other breakable cargo for that matter.

Using Improper Carton Sealing Tape and Other Packing Mistakes to Avoid

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Shipping goods is a delicate process, which also means that packaging should be topnotch. Yet, even the pros sometimes forget that. One UPS customer found out the hard way by shipping perishables in styrene coolers that allowed moisture to seep out. As a result, the products’ labels fell off while in transit, as the adhesive used on the label wasn’t strong enough to withstand the moisture from the container. 

Using the Right Industrial Paper Products and Other Packaging Supplies

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Proper packaging is extremely important because they help keep products in their best condition while in storage or being shipped. If, for example, a breakable material like a porcelain jar is incorrectly packaged and shipped, then there is a good chance it could be broken by the time it arrives at its destination. Different products require different kinds of protection. Below is a list of factors that should be considered when packaging a product.

Economical Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Sustainable Packaging Uses

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As more consumers are slowly leaning towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, green products have become essential merchandise. A good example is the trusty corrugated box, which offers both functional and sustainable packaging—something environment-conscious users will approve given the increase in shipments in the export industry, as reported by The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA).

The Ultimate Packing Benefits of Carton Sealing Tape and Stretch Wrap

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When it comes moving or relocating, the packing process must be carefully planned to ensure every object is stored properly and that packages arrive at the new place in one piece. There are a good number of packing supplies that can be used to store the items to be moved—one essential packing tool is a reliable carton sealing tape. This is used for packing and sealing boxes and helps maintain the integrity of the box while ensuring that contents are safely secured.

Protect Your Shipments with Handy Tips & Corrugated Shipping Boxes

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As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the importance of packaging your product properly so it will arrive intact. While it’s a bit tricky to figure out how much is too much when it comes to packaging, you’ll certainly want to get the best protection for less. Fortunately, there are a handful of techniques you can employ and tips to heed.

Industrial Packaging Supplies Needed to Safely Deliver Your Shipments

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With our global economy, a lot of companies, even small ones, have a worldwide reach. For example, companies with an online presence often get inquiries from customers overseas. If you’re in charge of such a company, one of your main concerns would be to ensure that your products reach your customers in good condition. To do this, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with various industrial packaging supplies and how you can use them to guarantee the safety of your products until they reach your customer’s doorsteps.

Reliable Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Your Shipping and Storage Needs

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There are a whole lot of uses for corrugated shipping boxes that almost everyone often takes them for granted. Majority of the products shipped to customers—manufacturers or consumers--most likely come in these boxes. These products include anything from flat-screen TVs and PC monitors, to CPUs and car parts. Even the products you find in your local grocery came in a corrugated box.

High-Quality Stretch Wrap Film: Protecting Furniture and Fragile Items

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There comes a time in many people’s lives that they have to commit to a large-scale move. In many cases, the move will involve bringing furniture, and other large and/or fragile objects along. Part of the challenge for moving companies would be to ensure all items get to their final destination in perfect condition, and this is where durable and heavy duty packaging materials, such as quality stretch wrap film, come in high demand.

Packaging with Corrugated Shipping Boxes to Make a Strong Impression

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When it comes to the packaging of your products, the last thing you want to do is skimp on quality. Every package branded with your name should have versatility in terms of sturdiness and also in terms of aesthetics.

Industrial Packaging Supplies in Focus: Versatile Stretch Wrap Film

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A lot of people may not realize it, but stretch wrap plays an important role in the delivery and transport of the various products they purchase and consume. High-quality stretch wrap film comes from reputable companies like World Packaging Co., Inc. that manufacture superior industrial packaging supplies. Below is a list of products that stretch wrap is frequently used on—not a comprehensive list by any means, but hopefully sufficient to inform you about how extremely versatile stretch wrap can be.

From Bowls to Corrugated Shipping Boxes: Tools for a Catering Business

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So you’ve made it as a chef in the eyes of your family, friends, and acquaintances. So what can be better than turning that passion into a full-fledged business? Before you do though, find out what it takes to own a catering business. This involves learning the safety rules and having trusty equipment like corrugated shipping boxes before signing up clients.

The Differences between Household and Industrial Packaging Supplies

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If you plan to start a freight business, you have to iron out critical things first. You need to accurately delineate the geographical areas you serve, determine your target market, and identify the types of freight you want to specialize in transporting. In addition to these, you have to secure the necessary licenses, insurance, and bonding agreements.

Sealed with Carton Sealing Tape: Several Tips to Make an Easier Move

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Moving houses is one of the biggest undertakings of any household, not only because of the effort that goes into it weeks or months before the actual move, but also because of logistical concerns. Households, especially those who have stayed in one place for a long time, have naturally garnered many items that need to be stored in boxes and fastened with carton sealing tape—a task that could take forever to finish.

A Primer on the Use of LLDPE as Reliable Industrial Packaging Supplies

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Take a regular plastic bag and try stretching it as much as your strength allows. You may end up with a substantially wider material though perhaps not wide enough to cover a pallet full of cargo.

Things to Consider when Choosing Carton Sealing Tape for Shipping

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Shipping is one of the world’s largest and most important industries; in fact, 90 percent of all international trade depends on it. Some even claim that if the global shipping industry were to be hypothetically paralyzed for a few days, half of the world would starve.

Three Important Industrial Packaging Supplies Every Company Needs

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If your business offers doorstep delivery services, you know that nothing is more important than assuring that your products arrive at their destination safely. After all, your business would dry up almost instantly if you gain a reputation of handling goods haphazardly. Fortunately, having the proper industrial packaging supplies on-hand is a great way to keep items safe as they are transported.

Thinking Outside the Box (Literally) with Reliable Carton Sealing Tape

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For businesses dealing with shipping, investing on high-quality packaging is a must. The outermost packaging material–the boxes–serve as the goods' first line defense during the transport process. Enclosing these shipping boxes with reliable carton sealing tape adds to their protective advantage.

Industrial Packaging Supplies: The Elements to Look for Before Buying

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Many companies need reliable packaging solutions regardless of whether they do shipping or not. Your own business may call for a huge amount of carton sealing tapes, bubble wraps, or corrugated cartons to ensure the stability and protection of your products for shipment or even for warehouse storage. Thus, take a look at the elements below before you invest in the packaging solutions offered by a supplier.

What to Know Before Securing that Package with Carton Sealing Tape

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Transferring to a new office, starting a family, and changing your address are examples of major changes you'd have to go through at one point or another. Experiencing these milestones can be exciting yet nerve-wracking too at the same time. Since you'd have to deal with one or more of these while attending to other equally demanding matters, prepare yourself beforehand to ensure a smooth transition along the way.

The Role of Industrial Packaging Supplies in the Food Service Industry

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In olden days, customers trusted food manufacturing and service businesses enough to just consume without a fuss whatever was provided by food companies and diners. With the growing awareness of how food packages and containers affect overall health and environmental conditions, however, people have become more vigilant of how their food is packed and served. Many now monitor the food service or manufacturing process, including the efficient industrial packaging supplies and equipment used—from the food source to their plate.

A Roll of Extra Carton Sealing Tape and Other Things You Need to Know About Packing

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Many young adults view moving out of their homes as a necessary act in one’s life to signify to their families that they are ready to be independent. For some, the thought of living on their own is exciting. Others find that being separated from their loved ones is difficult and heart-rending. In any case, the actual process of moving is always an arduous task, especially for people who find they have a lot to pack. Here are a few tips that can ease the burden:

Use Corrugated Industrial Packaging Supplies to Reduce Shipping Costs

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As a major retailer of home and office furniture, Ikea invests heavily on logistics to transport their goods to stores around the world. According to an article that appeared in the Bloomberg Businessweek website, until recently, the company relied on the strength and versatility of their wooden pallets to ship goods to 287 stores in 26 countries. However, in a bid to cut costs, Ikea has turned to an unlikely substitute for sturdy wooden pallets: corrugated cardboard.

Quality Industrial Packaging Supplies: Today’s Most Common Choices

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At any given moment, somebody needs to transport something to somewhere at some point in time. For a lot of businesses, transporting products across huge distances can pose considerable logistical and storage challenges. As such, businesses need quality industrial packaging supplies from reputable companies like World Packaging Inc.

Think Inside the Box! The Benefits of Using Corrugated Shipping Boxes

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In the past, transporting goods from one place to another was a difficult proposition due, among other things, to the difficulty of storing goods for a long time. Ever since the corrugated box's prominence in the 1960's, however, not only could industries keep their cargoes safer, but they could also already transport them in bigger quantities. Below are just some of the benefits of the highly adaptable corrugated shipping boxes in the modern world.