From Bowls to Corrugated Shipping Boxes: Tools for a Catering Business

Posted by SEO Administrator on 8/26/2014 to Blog

So you’ve made it as a chef in the eyes of your family, friends, and acquaintances. So what can be better than turning that passion into a full-fledged business? Before you do though, find out what it takes to own a catering business. This involves learning the safety rules and having trusty equipment like corrugated shipping boxesbefore signing up clients.

Chafing Dishes

The chafing dish is standard catering equipment for transporting and serving food, particularly in buffets. Choose your chafing dishes based on durability and quality, but you also shouldn’t skimp on appearance since this will boost your presentation. Choose dishes based on portability unless you want to spend a lot on getting a huge truck for your deliveries.



Another thing to help improve your catering service is by having efficient serverware in your buffet table, including gravy boats, serving trays, soup ladles, and a lot more. Many of these serverware are meant for appetizers or side dishes, while others are to easily serve these onto plates and bowls. Whatever their purpose will be, having them on your buffet table will surely help make your customers’ dining experience worthwhile.


Since the food you prepare is constantly on the go, it’s only necessary to get the right boxes to transport them. Make sure the containers you choose will not affect the flavor or temperature of the food in transit. Apart from getting corrugated cardboard boxes, consider investing in dependable transport and cargo materials like a reliable carton sealing tape from suppliers like World Packaging, Inc.

Corrugated Cartons


To complete the catering gear, provide quality uniforms for all the members of your catering crew. This will show how you value professionalism and hygiene. The uniform sets should include cooks’ jackets, clean aprons, trousers, and toques (or at least hair nets). The more you promote cleanliness, the more your customers will value your services.

Equipment is important in a catering business not only because of its function but also as a way to assure your prospective customers that you are fully committed to serve your role in the food service industry.