Industrial Packaging Supplies in Focus: Versatile Stretch Wrap Film

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Stretch Film

A lot of people may not realize it, but stretch wrap plays an important role in the delivery and transport of the various products they purchase and consume. High-quality stretch wrap film comes from reputable companies like World Packaging Co., Inc. that manufacture superior industrial packaging supplies. Below is a list of products that stretch wrap is frequently used on—not a comprehensive list by any means, but hopefully sufficient to inform you about how extremely versatile stretch wrap can be.

Canned sodas

Thanks to stretch wrap, canned sodas can be stacked in tall piles and held in place. Many soda producers use high-speed machines that wrap tower upon tower of soda cans in this packaging product.


Firewood manufacturers use stretch wrap all the time to wrap and bundle wood together. The material is highly resistant to tearing, which makes it an ideal packaging material for products with abrasive surfaces such as firewood.

Feeds and seeds

Feed and seed pallet load weights can run the gamut from relatively heavy to extremely heavy. Thanks to the versatility and relative ease with which stretch wrap can be used, suppliers can wrap up any sized feed and seed pallet load without breaking a sweat.


This is yet another product efficiently bundled by

stretch film. Carpet manufacturers have the choice to hand- or machine-wrap their carpet rolls to keep them from unraveling during delivery.

Picture frames

Stretch film and cardboard corner protectors can be used in combination to protect delicate picture frames from scratches and other types of damage during transportation and storage.

Palletized boxes

Hands down, the most ubiquitous use of stretch film. In many warehouses and production facilities all over the world, boxes of different weights and sizes are palletized and wrapped using stretch film.

The above list barely scratches the surface in terms of the vast number of applications in which stretch wrap products are used. You may even have a few unique stretch wrap application ideas of your own! Whatever their intended use, quality stretch wrap products from a trusted industrial packaging supplies manufacturer like World Packaging Co., Inc. are sure to deliver.

Palletized boxes