Packaging Supplies 101: Getting to Know the Stretch Wrap Film

Posted by SEO Administrator on 5/23/2013

Packaging Supplies 101: Getting to Know the Stretch Wrap Film

Bubble wrap may be the most popular and beloved packaging material for its “stress-relieving” merit, along with its primary purpose of covering and protecting fragile items. But when it comes to holding packages together more effectively, quality stretch wrap film deserves the spotlight. Stretch wrap is an elastic, transparent plastic film used to bind boxes, pallets, or individual items together. Compared to other binding materials, stretch wrap proves to be a more effective, convenient, and cost-efficient alternative to securing loads on a pallet.

What is its purpose?

The stretch wrap film can keep packages together and protect the entire surface of the load against dust and moisture. Some stretch wraps, in fact, also provide UV protection. Furthermore, loads wrapped in stretch film become more stable and are easier to store and transport.

What materials are used to make it?

Linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE is the most common material used to make stretch wrap because of its excellent stretchability, relative transparency, and durability. Other materials may grant additional and specific benefits. For example, films made of metallocene have great puncture resistance, and those composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are preferred for their stretching and clinging properties.

What types of stretch wrap films are there?

Basically, leading manufacturers of affordable industrial packaging supplies, such as World Packaging, Inc., categorize their stretch wraps based on the methods of production. Stretch wrap could either be blown or cast. Blown stretch wrap has superb load and elastic capacity, but tend to be more expensive due to its complex manufacturing process. On the other hand, cast stretch film is usually less expensive with excellent clarity, but may not offer much holding power.

How to choose the right one?

To make sure that you'll end up with the right stretch wrap, identify your packaging needs and goals. Consider important stretch wrap properties, such as cling, clarity, break strength, and static discharge. Depending on your applications, size and gauge or thickness of the wrap will definitely play an important part.

Choosing quality stretch wrap film is vital to your packaging or shipping business. If you're not in the packaging business, however, stretch wrap is especially useful when you plan to move to another place, and need to pack your things up for storage and transport

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