Reliable Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Your Shipping and Storage Needs

Posted by SEO Administrator on 12/26/2014 to Blog

There are a whole lot of uses for corrugated shipping boxes that almost everyone often takes them for granted. Majority of the products shipped to customers—manufacturers or consumers--most likely come in these boxes. These products include anything from flat-screen TVs and PC monitors, to CPUs and car parts. Even the products you find in your local grocery came in a corrugated box.

These boxes are used everywhere and anywhere mainly because of their versatility, durability, and inexpensiveness. As the basic material used for these boxes is paper, they are recyclable, which means that used corrugated boxes can be converted back into paper, then back into boxes.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Boxes like those from World Packaging Inc. are available in different shapes and sizes, perfect for any of your shipping or storage needs. These boxes are made from corrugated paperboard which is much different from cardboard. The paperboards feature a row of paper ridges and air columns, which serve as support for the weight of the box’s load. A paperboard can be made up of one or multiple layers of ridges and liners, depending on how tough the box needs to be.

In cases of special packaging and shipping, there are single face boards that are flexible and can be used for light items. Aside from that, there are also double and triple wall corrugated boards which are made for much heavier products. The size of these boxes may also be customized to ensure better security and safety during transport.

Carton Sealing Tape

The design of corrugated boxes make them resistant to impacts, drops, and vibration—most of which may occur during shipment. The boxes may also be printed with text for content and special handling information.

Corrugated boxes are often sealed with durable carton sealing tape, which are pressure sensitive for easy application, and are perfect for ensuring that packages are sealed tight, even when subjected to impact and vibrations. There are also machine length tapes often used for large packages and make no noise when dispensed, unlike other types of tape.

In shipping any kind of product, whether raw materials or finished goods, it is important to ensure that the packaging is tough and durable enough to protect their contents until they make it to their destination. Insufficient or poor quality packaging can lead to damages, which could be very costly for both shipper and receiver.