Stretch Wrap

Bundle Wrap
SKU Size Gauge Rolls/Case Wt
SW05 5" 80 GA 12 20
Built-In Handle Dispenser
SKU Size Gauge Rolls/Case Wt
SW2070 20" 70 GA 4 24
FW20 20" 80 GA 4 26



Stretch Wrap
SKU Size Gauge Rolls/Case Wt
SW1870 18" X 1,500' 70 GA 4 37
SW1880 18" X 1,500' 80 GA 4 41
Machine Length Stretch Film
SKU Size Gauge Rolls/Skid Wt
SW2080-5M 20" X 5000' 80 GA 40 34

We Offer High Quality Stretch Wrap Film

At World Packaging, we have over 50 years of packaging experience, catering to the industrial product market place. We offer numerous solutions and topnotch packaging, shipping and janitorial products, including stretch wrap film.

Stretch wrap film is frequently used to unitize pallet loads or hold numerous boxes together on a pallet for transport. Pulled around the load and stretched, it has an elastic band effect that allows it to return to its original size. This effect holds the load tight, thus keeping cargo safe and in one place in transit.

Whatís It Made Of?

Stretch wrap is usually made of linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE. There are two methods of producing it:

  • Blown, where the resin is melted and blown out then air-cooled. This process is slower, but results in film of a higher quality. This also costs more to produce because of the quantity that can be produced per hour.
  • Cast, where the film is passed over cooling rollers, which considerably speeds up the cooling process. It costs less to produce than blown ones, because the film can be made in multiple layers. The layers allow the film to be made with cling properties on one side, which is perfect if you donít want one pallet to stick to the one next to it. The layers also make the film stronger with the addition of tough layers on the inside.

Most of whatís commercially available nowadays is cast, Stretch Wrap film, which is clearer and quieter release than blown ones when coming off the roll.

Uses of Stretch Wrap Film

Ensuring that cartons stay on the pallet is extremely important in warehouse distribution, especially when there is a demand for increased production. Stretch wrapping is the most affordable and most effective way to ensure that your loads are secure on a pallet.

The product has many more uses in pallet unitizing, including:

  • Improving the stability of products or packages to form a unit load
  • Making the handling and storage of unit loads more efficient
  • Protecting the load from dust and moisture
  • Making the load resistant to tampering and package pilferage

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