Things to Consider when Choosing Carton Sealing Tape for Shipping

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Shipping is one of the world’s largest and most important industries; in fact, 90 percent of all international trade depends on it. Some even claim that if the global shipping industry were to be hypothetically paralyzed for a few days, half of the world would starve. Since most goods are transported over long distances, it can be said that cargo boxes reinforced with reliable carton sealing tape from packaging companies like World Packaging Inc. are essential to the shipping industry.

Although made of high-quality paperboard, corrugated boxes are helpless when pitted against rough seas, turbulent skies, and congested highways. To keep them firm and stable for the voyage, shipping boxes need to be sealed with high-performance packaging tape. Since there are many types of packaging tapes to choose from, it’s important for shipping companies to narrow down their selections based on the following criteria:


Packaging tapes are roughly classified according to the material they’re made from—e.g. acrylic, hot melt plastics, or natural rubber. Acrylic tapes are best used for general packaging purposes because of their relatively long shelf life and ability to handle most types of goods. However, acrylic is outclassed by the rarer types of packaging tapes. For instance, hot melt tapes offer the strongest adhesion and are best reserved for the roughest voyages, while natural rubber tapes perform quite well in cold temperatures.

Strength or Thickness

The strength of a packaging tape is measured in mils. Each mil is equal to 0.001 of an inch or 0.0254 mm. Tape strength is considered in relation to the size of a shipping box and the weight of its contents. For example, 1.6mil tapes are used for boxes between sizes 10 and 40 that weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 lbs.


This is perhaps the most overlooked criterion for packaging tapes. Tape width determines the amount of area that is sealed and, by extension, the number of strips needed to make a firm seal. For example, a single strip of two-inch packaging tape can be used on a small box (i.e. box size 10 to 20). The right width can help reduce overall packaging costs.

Carton Sealing Tape


Sealing tape color is usually inconsequential for shipping purposes, but it can be crucial when a shipping box also serves marketing purposes. For instance, top quality corrugated shipping boxes that bear words and images should be sealed with transparent sealing tape or something that matches their color.