Thinking Outside the Box (Literally) with Reliable Carton Sealing Tape

Posted by SEO Administrator on 2/12/2014 to Blog

For businesses dealing with shipping, investing on high-quality packaging is a must. The outermost packaging material–the boxes–serve as the goods' first line defense during the transport process. Enclosing these shipping boxes with reliable carton sealing tape adds to their protective advantage.

Fragile Tape

Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton sealing tapes are adhesive films specialized toward fiberboard and manufactured in technologies that make their usage either more efficient or more convenient than general packaging tapes. The classic pressure-sensitive tapes bond to the surfaces with just the light application of pressure. The advent of “no-noise” tapes reduce the problems of noisiness associated with conventional tapes and effectively reduce distractions when packaging items at the workplace.

Applying Tapes

These specialized tapes are applied either by hand or machines, depending on the company's resources or preference. For smaller scale packaging, the labor involved to apply the carton tapes is minimal, especially pressure-sensitive and no-noise tapes. Larger shippers or packers would benefit from lengthy tapes dispensed by machines, which is also safer compared to chemically-activated tapes.



Since the delivery or haul of goods may be extensive, adding the simple security measure of carton sealing tapes supplied by reliable companies like World Packaging, Inc. lessens the possibility of content spillage. Carton tapes are also customizable, allowing companies to promote their brand. This may also serve as customers' guarantee that the product has not been tampered with before it reaches their home.

Other Uses

Most companies merit the advantages in alternative uses of custom printed tape. The simple print of “FRAGILE” or “PERISHABLE” in these tapes if cartons are blank would warrant care for the entities responsible for delivering the products. Unique bar codes or labels may be printed for inventory organization.

Partnered with sturdy corrugated shipping boxes, tensile carton sealing tapes are highly dependable as packaging essentials. These packaging supplies offer benefits of reduced costs and minimal replacements when they are bought in wholesale. Overall, these aforementioned packaging essentials add to the company's productivity and contributes to the organization's creative functionality.