Three Important Industrial Packaging Supplies Every Company Needs

Posted by SEO Administrator on 3/17/2014 to Blog

If your business offers doorstep delivery services, you know that nothing is more important than assuring that your products arrive at their destination safely. After all, your business would dry up almost instantly if you gain a reputation of handling goods haphazardly. Fortunately, having the proper industrial packaging supplies on-hand is a great way to keep items safe as they are transported.

There are many packaging supplies to choose from, and all are designed to guarantee the safe delivery of your goods. You can never really go wrong with the supplies you choose. However, there are three basic supplies that are vital to your operation:

Protective Packaging

Sometimes, the materials you ship to your clients may not fit perfectly inside the box. Shipping the item as is can be dangerous as the contents will easily shift within the box and increase the risk of damage. Fortunately, this problem is easily resolved by adding a protective layer like bubble wrap or foam peanuts to buffer the impact or to fill in the space respectively.

Packaging Tape and Dispensers

Packaging tape is necessary to ensure the contents within the box do not spill out before they arrive at their destination. Before applying packaging tape, be sure to weigh the items you are about to ship out. The heavier the item is, the thicker the packaging tape you will need to apply.

Packaging Tape

Apart from the tape itself, you should look to invest in handheld packaging tape dispensers. These dispensers allow employees to seal the boxes properly faster, increasing the productivity of your company.

Stretch Wrap Film

Leaving stacked boxes unsecured during delivery is an easy way to damage precious cargo. This is especially true when the stacked boxes are of different shapes and sizes. Sturdy stretch wrap film can help resolve this problem by clutching the boxes tightly to prevent movement (think giant industrial plastic wrap).

Stretch Wrap Film

These products are some of the most commonly used packaging supplies in the industry, and with good reason. If you notice that your supply stock for these items are starting to run low, do not hesitate to order more from a reputable packaging supply distributor like World Packaging, Inc.