Use Corrugated Industrial Packaging Supplies to Reduce Shipping Costs

Posted by SEO Administrator on 9/3/2013
As a major retailer of home and office furniture, Ikea invests heavily on logistics to transport their goods to stores around the world. According to an article that appeared in the Bloomberg Businessweek website, until recently, the company relied on the strength and versatility of their wooden pallets to ship goods to 287 stores in 26 countries. However, in a bid to cut costs, Ikea has turned to an unlikely substitute for sturdy wooden pallets: corrugated cardboard.

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That's right! Light and flexible cardboard has replaced wooden pallets to become Ikea's primary logistics tool. Weighing at just 5.5 pounds, cardboard pallets are lighter than their wooden counterparts, yet they possess the same strength and integrity. Businesses that want to emulate Ikea's cost-cutting measures can order sturdy industrial packaging supplies, like corrugated cartons, from companies like World Packaging Inc.

The corrugated design of cardboard shipping materials is what gives it its strength. When stacked on top of each other, corrugated cardboard boxes are strong enough to support each other's weight. The stacking strength of corrugated cardboard boxes depends largely on the ECT (edge compression strength) of the corrugated board.

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As long as the corrugated material is kept inside an ideal environment, far away from excessive humidity, then it can hold its own. Furthermore, while cardboard pallets are designed to be used only once (unlike their reusable traditional counterparts), eco-conscious individuals should not fret though, because cardboard pallets are recyclable.

Despite the additional spending on new forklifts designed to handle cardboard pallets, Ikea is expected to save more than $193 million on annual shipping costs. This major transition will also reduce shipping-related emissions. Cardboard materials are always in plentiful supply as long as there are sustainable solutions to keep the supply chain steady.

Ikea also plans to save on shipping costs by packing more items into fewer pallets. This, of course, means that there will be fewer pallets taking up space inside containers and trucks, enabling Ikea to ship more products more quickly. Businesses can order durable corrugated shipping boxes from suppliers like World Packaging Inc. and reduce their carbon footprint in the process. These suppliers offer corrugated cardboard boxes in different dimensions, which may be imprinted with content and handling information for the client's convenience.