Using Improper Carton Sealing Tape and Other Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by SEO Administrator on 6/16/2015 to Blog

Businesses can’t afford to make mistakes like this, as they can have very costly consequences.  If the products are not damaged from improper packaging, delivery could get delayed or important instructions could be lost without the right labels. That said, here are a few common packaging mistakes to avoid to ensure smooth and timely shipments and deliveries.

Poor Taping

It is very important to use the best-quality carton sealing tape from reputable suppliers like World Packaging Co., Inc. to ensure boxes and other containers do not break open while in transit. Experts recommend using 3-inch wide tape on a box’s top and bottom seams, laid out in an “H” pattern which also covers the end seams of the box. 2-inch tape may not be enough since the narrower width doesn’t hold as well, and when the box gets squished, the 2-inch tape could give out. 


Sound strategic planning is required in shipping to optimize returns and cut costs. In their effort to speed up shipment and deliver products as fast as possible, many businesses tend to bypass proper packaging protocols. As a result, products are sometimes inadequately packed, resulting in damages.

Forgetting the Weather

Shippers must learn to keep tabs on the weather along the delivery route and at the destination. If they fail to do so, they may expose their products to weather elements that can damage the goods. For instance, cold weather could mean moisture and dampness that can weaken the goods, or cause damaging mold or bacterial growth. 

Choosing a Sub-Standard Box

Corrugated shipping boxes have been around for a long time for a reason: they offer sturdy containment in accordance with industry standards on quality. The larger and heavier the package, the stronger the box needs to be in order to protect what’s inside and to bear its weight. Choosing a specific level of box strength suitable for certain contents is vital, since box strength may actually be compromised as the cargo travels along a transport route.