Using the Right Industrial Paper Products and Other Packaging Supplies

Posted by SEO Administrator on 5/18/2015 to Blog

Pressure Sensitive Products

Force or pressure sensitive materials are those that can easily shatter or get deformed when pressure is applied. These can include glassware, as well as soft and brittle products. In addition to using strong containers, these products also need additional protective materials, such as shredded industrial paper products, that can absorb impact or pressure. The thicker the protection layer, the better for the product, so be generous in stuffing those shredded papers.

Moisture Sensitive Products

Many items canít be exposed to moisture, such as certain food products and chemicals that react to water. When packaging these, make sure that they are extremely sealed, with no holes or any open spaces where air or moisture can set in. A good way to do this is by using adequate layers of quality stretch wrap film, like those supplied by World Packaging Co., Inc. This will help ensure the entire product is adequately wrapped with minimal chances of air or moisture seeping in.

Temperature Sensitive Products

Certain products come with specific handling and storage instructions, including the ideal temperatures under which they should be kept. When subjected to the wrong climate, these products could lose their original properties or get damaged. It is important to have sufficient warning labels, as well as to package them with appropriately-designed materials. Those that should be protected from sunlight, for example, may be wrapped with dark colored paper or other materials to block out light.  

If you are unsure about which items to use for your deliveries and shipments, consult your packaging material supplier. Be sure to explain what type of material youíre handling, and any specification needed for their care, so the supplier can recommend the most appropriate materials.